Greyhound Waste offer has been extended for another 12 months

The waste deal negotiated by the residents’ association committee has been extended for another 12 months at the same monthly rate of €15.50. If you signed up for an annual contract it can only be extended for 12 months. All annual contracts have to be restarted from August 1st 2016 – July 31st 2017 (this is to facilitate a “price freeze” for 12 months only).  If your 12 month contract expires after August 1st 2016.

 For example, a customers who paid in January what this means is:

On the 1st August their accounts will be credited with the unused portion of their annual plan

i.      A customer on €199 would get a credit of €82.92 (5 months unused service)

ii.     On the 1st of August their 12months would start again at the rate of €199

iii.    The customer would need to top up their account with the difference of €116.08

There new 12 months fully paid service will then be active from August 1st

 To continue to avail of this offer please email Amy Flanagan or contact any member of the committee and they'll make contact on your behalf.  The committee member names are on the back of your subscription card. You can also fill in the “Contact us” form on this page and complete with your home address contact phone number.  The Greyhound call centre will not be aware of this offer.